…that which we call a rose
by any other name would smell as sweet.

whatsinanameRoses smell the same. Bloggers blog the same. But as the young Montague and Capulet realized the hard way, names do mean something.

My name Jonathan Daniel Kohlmeier means “gift of God – God is my judge – cabbage farmer.”

The name of this blog has always had meaning. When it was first created back in 2006 the name was “Libertatum.” A couple years later it changed to Monk of Mequon said something about me. Then my location changed and Monk of Milwaukee has been the name for the last nearly 4 years.

Since my last post, I was offered a job in the Iowa East District Office, I accepted that job, moved to Iowa, and started my first full time job. So, Monk of Milwaukee no longer fits.

Now I have a couple choices. I live in Hiawatha and work in Marion. So my first instinct is to change the name to Monk of Hiawatha. In order to keep the alliteration Monk of Marion is also an option.

The third choice is to come up with a new name all together.

Same blog… new name coming soon.

But what is the name?