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Part of my job includes managing a social media presence for the organization. I haven’t been trained in marketing or social media but it’s definitely a hobby that I love to learn more about.

There have been a handful of people who frown on the including the URL to linked content in the body of the social media post. Why should you really? The link is right there on Facebook with the title, picture and summary. Here are 3 reasons why I do it this way:

1. Security 

I hate clicking on links. I’m one of those people who makes sure that each link is going to take me to where I originally think I’m going to go. If things aren’t exactly right I will not go there through the hyperlink. If a link is sent through email, I usually ask where the sender found the link and make sure that they sent it.

I know that I’m paranoid and Facebook usually lists the URL in the link right under the title. But, I like seeing it in a place that I know it can’t be tampered with the link is exactly how it was typed into the content box. We use custom shorted URL. We have a custom 4-letter.org URL and each page is given a numeric value. I know where this will take me and I know who it came from.

2. How I Use Social Media

As I’m scrolling through my newsfeed, I am much more likely to click on a blue linked URL in the midst of regular conversational text than I am to click on something set apart unless it looks super interesting. Maybe it’s just me but how I use social media plays very heavily into how I create content for public pages.

3. Interactions

Posts that include the URL in the post content get more interaction than those that don’t. I’ve played with this from time to time and the posts that include the URL almost always get more likes or comments. Chances are if you give someone’s feed two chances to click something (and it’s presented in two different ways) you’ll get more people looking at it and interaction with it.

I’m definitely not the authority on this. It’s just what I’ve noticed and how I use social media. I’m willing to be convinced that I’m wrong.