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It was 2006 and I was a Junior in High School. I was nerdier than I am now (or maybe just in different ways). Facebook had opened from only college students to high school students too! But still no old people posting cat pictures and linking their blog post for the day 4… 5.. or 6 times in 12 hours. Facebook was cool! Forums were cool too!

The Higher Things Forums are really what brought me into the organization. My sister and now brother-in-law said that I should sign up for an account. So I did, and started reading all sorts of threads. Threads on just about everything from peep and olive wars to sports and what the heck “Angelomorphic Christology” meant. It was great! I met new Lutherans from all over the world and am now good friends with many of them.

I don’t remember exactly what the context was but I ended up cornering the then Internet Services Executive, Pr. Borghardt, and making fun of him for not being very “Sith-y.” In response, he sent me a private message and gave me a Higher Things blog.

Higher Things blogs were hosted on the HT website and used Stan Lemon’s own BlogSCL software. The first title of my blog was “Libertatum” where I pretended to have profound theological thoughts but more often than not it was profound things that I heard other people say that completely blew my mind. I think there was one other title in there and then “Monk of Mequon.” I took that from one of my sister’s friends after he had moved from Mequon. It came from my regular praying of Compline late at night in the Prayer and Mediation Chapel at Concordia University-Wisconsin. I was living in the Augsburg dorm which was very monk cell-like. Now, living in a suburb of Milwaukee, the name has changed slightly.

So, what does this have to do with anything? Well, as of my last post you may have noticed that the blog looks very different. The URL is now jonathankohlmeier.wordpress.com and the blog is hosted on WordPress. You won’t find a link to my blog on the HT website anymore. BlogSCL has been retired.

What does this mean for the Higher Things blogs? Well they’ve been moved over to WordPress and have become independent. This change means I don’t feel as pressured to tie my posts into Lutheran Theology or to be geared toward high schoolers. You’ll see some nerdy computer posts like the last one. Probably some posts on my hobbies (photography, pipe-smoking, etc.). And I’m sure you’ll continue to see many theology themed posts. After all, the title of the blog is still “Monk of Milwaukee.”

I’m thinking that I will probably try to consolidate some of my internet activity too. Instead of Tumblr posts which are usually quotes from what I’m reading I’ll just post those here too.

So, here we go!

(I’d tell you to subscribe on Google Reader but that’s being retired on July 1st… You can add me on Facebook or Twitter though.)