Come, then, O Lord Jesus,
From our sins release us.
Keep our hearts believing,
That we, grace receiving,
Ever may confess You
Till in heav’n we bless you.

-LSB 333 st. 4


The cry of the baptized in the church militant always remains the same.

Lord, have mercy.

Come, Lord Jesus.

That doesn’t change if your presidential candidate wins or if your presidential candidate loses.

The cry of a baptized child of God is never, “Forward”, “Solidarity!”, “Obama” or “Romney.” It isn’t even, “U-S-A!” or “Marriage is between a man and a woman.” Are those things important in the political realm? Sure, but they don’t replace the cry of the baptized.

The baptized child of God has no anxiety. No anxiety when it comes to elections or their outcomes, not when it comes to loss of loved ones, not when it comes to failure, not even when Satan himself attacks you will all sorts of feelings of worthlessness and distress.

The baptized child of God lives as the lily of the field in Matthew 6. The lily lives by the grace of God. It receives everything as gift from Him. Its full trust is in the Lord. It is the same with the baptized child of God.

Truly, the baptized child of God tries to put his trust in his vote, his candidate, in the princes of this world, in money, or in himself. In actuality, that child’s trust and confidence isn’t his own at all. It is Jesus Christ’s trust and confidence. The one who was crucified and rose for the whole world, gives his sure and certain trust in God to you.

It is Christ who teaches us to pray “Thy Kingdom come” and “Lord, have mercy.” It is that very Jesus who answers our prayers of “Come, Lord Jesus.” He answered them by being born of Virgin. He answers them in His coming in body and blood at the altar. He will answer them once more when He appears in all His power at the sounding of the final trumpet.

In the midst of the changes and chances of life, of elections, wars, and rumors of wars, in all things, the cry of the baptized remains the same: “Lord have mercy.” “Come, Lord Jesus.”

O Jesus Christ, do not delay,
But hasten our salvation;
We often tremble on our way
In fear and tribulation
O hear and grant our fervent plea:
Come, mighty judge, and set us free
From death and ev’ry evil.

– LSB 508 st. 7