I read somewhere that if you add a colon to your title, it makes you seem more scholarly.

I was talking with a dear friend last week. Somehow, the conversation turned to me talking about the time when I came to the realization that theology was more of a hobby than daily dying and being raised. Needless to say, that terrified me.

My friend commented that she had heard me say that before but she liked how I described the Christian life – as daily dying and being raised.

Before that I hadn’t given a whole lot of thought to how I worded it. I guess that comes from good catechesis, just second nature to speak in baptismal language. But that really is the Christian life! It’s all about life and death. DAILY life and death!

The Old Adam is daily drowned in the waters of baptism. Our sinful desires go with him. In those same waters true life is given. We are raised with Christ to a new life in Him.

This is very apparent on Sunday mornings. Our preferences for worship, our idolatry, our bad theology are all put to death and superseded with the life-giving gifts of God. The Old Adam is drowned and dies, the new man is born through the Word, the Water and the Supper.

It’s a repetitive process, happening multiple times a day. It’s frustrating and if it were left up to us we’d never get anywhere. Thankfully it’s all done by Christ. Christ puts that Old Adam to death and He raises us to new life.

Theology all about Life and Death. The Christian life all about dying and being raised.