I always feel like I need to watch Lord of the Rings after Pr. Schuldheisz is on HT-Radio. So, this time I actually did start Fellowship of the Ring. I came across the Death of Gandalf scene that’s posted above. The beautifully sad soundtrack at a time when it seems all hope is lost. Gandalf, the wise, unquestioned leader of the Fellowship is the first to fall. How can they possibly complete their quest after losing the wise, powerful friend? How can they even continue without Mithrandir, their grey pilgrim? All hope is lost.

Aragorn steps up. He lives up to his other name, Estel. He has hope. He does not fall into despair or abandon his purpose. Although his friend had fallen he must keep the rest of the fellowship from despairing to their own deaths. “Pick them up.” They must get to a place where it is safe, a forest, a place of life. The Hobbits have no desire to get up they are lost in their despair. They can only be lifted up by those who have been placed in their lives and travel with them.

We fall into despair too. We have no desire to get up and keep moving forward. All hope is lost how can things ever be right again? We despair unto our own death.

The Lord places people in our lives to pick us up. To show that there still is hope. They direct us from that place that will kill us to a place that is safe, a place of life. Our pastors, friends, and family direct us to where there is true hope. Where there is no distress and only life. They direct us to God’s Gifts. His Word and His Sacrements. They drown you in the life-giving water of your baptism. The hope in Christ’s death and resurrection is placed directly into your mouth. Your despair and hopelessness is swallowed up in the unquestionable hope that you have in Christ.