There is a bunch of great Reformation Day material this year. So here’s a list of some of it since people would get annoyed with me if I shared it all on Facebook. (Note: The blue headings are links that will take you to the full articles.)


The Gospel of Halloween

Witches, wizards, skeletons, devils, and superheroes? Never mind that. Let’s get to the candy! As Halloween approaches, many calling themselves Christians will get all worked up about this supposedly satanic holiday. With emphases on witches and devils and violent horror, these folks get upset and say that Christians have no business observing this holiday and ought to do something better, something more godly and pious. Thus all over “Halloween” celebrations are replaced with “Fall Festivals.” There’s even a group who invented a new holiday on October 31 called “Jesus Ween.” (Does anyone else think that just sounds odd and creepy all at once?) So can you be a Christian and celebrate Halloween? Can you dress up and go to a party? Go trick-or-treating? Have fun? The fact is, a Christian CAN celebrate and enjoy Halloween. Read on to find out why.


How to Be Disciples of Jesus – A Reformation Sunday Homily by Rev. Brent Kuhlman

Yes, His Word! Only His Word! And with His Word He gives Himself. Entirely. Completely. To be God for you! With all His Good Friday benefits. All His Easter gifts! All His pentecosting you with His Spirit! That’s what He gives to you with His Word.


Dead People Don’t Accept Jesus

This week’s HT-Video short by Pastor Borghardt answer a question on how to talk with your friends about why you don’t and can’t accept Jesus into your heart.


Higher Things Reflection for Reformation Day

In the Name + of Jesus. Amen. Happy Reformation Day! Today we celebrate that, through Martin Luther 500 years ago, the Lord brought the light of the Gospel more brightly to His church. And if there is anything Dr. Luther and our Lutheran forefathers taught, it’s that Christ’s Word is the truth that sets us free.

Luther’s Diet of Worms Speech from 2003 Luther Movie


Happy Reformation Day!