There are too many thoughts floating around in my head for them to remain there. Lots of them having to do with blog posts from Pr. Borghardt and Sandra Ostapowich and the comments following them. 

To be honest I’m pretty shocked. Shocked that a color can cause such an argument and shocked at the tone of some of the comments. 
Let’s start with Madre’s blog post. I read it before all the comments and didn’t think it was attacking at all much less anyone in particular. It raised some good questions that I hoped would be answered because it got me thinking as well. Granted, the blog is hosted on Higher Things so it probably could have been directed more toward youth. But, the blog post got me thinking about where the color for Laetare comes from and about liturgical colors in general.
I really don’t know much about liturgical colors at all. Where they come from. Why this color for that season? How do these proclaim the Gospel? So, I was hoping the discussion would go that route or at least answer the questions posed in the original blog post. That would be a great resource for the youth at whom the blog is directed. 
Now, I think rose vestments look cool. But, I’m pretty sure that vestments are meant to hide the man wearing them. Not draw attention to him. Not even to draw attention to the vestments themselves. But to focus your attention on Christ. Hide the pastor so that what Christ is doing and saying through him is the focus. When the vestments or the sinner wearing them becomes our focus where does that put Christ? 
Pastors are sinners! Just like you and me. They overlook their own sin but are quick to point out the sins of others. 
They think of themselves as better than others a lot of the time. They can even rejoice so much in their vestments that they forget to rejoice in the Death and Resurrection of Jesus Christ. (Be they rose, or otherwise.)
You are free to wear rose on Laetare, you are free to wear violet, you are even free to wear black. But it’s not about the color its about confessing Christ! 
Sunday you rejoiced, whether your pastor was wearing rose or not! You rejoiced in your baptism at the invocation! You rejoiced in the forgiveness of sins during Confession and Absolution! You rejoiced in the Word! You rejoiced with the whole Church; with those who’s pastors were wearing rose vestments, those who’s pastors were wearing violet vestments, and with those who’s pastors aren’t privileged enough to have any vestments, as you feasted on Body and Blood of Christ.
"Rejoice with Jerusalem, and be glad for her, all you who love her;
rejoice with her in joy, all you who mourn over her;"
Rejoice because Christ died and rose for you!