Pastor Heinz tagged me!

What five people – past or present – inspire your spiritual life?

Pr. Heinz included this, so I’ll play by the same rules:
"OK, we know that our Lord Himself has to be at the top of the list, so He is assumed. Your five simply follow Him. In Lutheran circles, we will also presume "Father Martin of Wittenberg" as well. 🙂

So the five would be additional people who (humanly speaking) have greatly impacted your life of faith and love on this earth."

Well for me, I think the first one’s the list would have to be my parents who dragged me kicking and screaming to the Baptismal Font and have instilled a love of theology in me.

Mr. Paul Doerr also makes the list: After having him for Old Testament my freshman year of High School I went on to actually read the entire bible for the first time in my life. He is the most caring person I have ever met and continues to be a mentor for me.

Pastor George Borghardt: really showed me what the Gospel was and is continually reminding me of it. He’s also not afraid to preach the law at me when thats what I need to hear.

Seminarian Mark Pierson: Mr. Pierson was my Theology Teacher my senior year. He really made the distinction of Law and Gospel clear to me. I will never forget that the Gospel is "The Death and Ressurection of Jesus Christ for my sins" because of his class. He also taught me the basics of how to defend my faith and is to blame for my interest in philosophy.

Pastor Aaron Koch: Pr. Koch is my pastor who each week provides me with faithful preaching of the Gospel, the forgiveness of my sins, and the Lord’s Body and Blood.


I could of course go on but I was limited to 5 and these are the ones who influence my "spiritual life" most directly.


Now I tag: Pr. Borghardt, Sandra Ostapowich, Kelsey Fischer, Stan Lemon and you!