A couple weeks ago I was sitting in Chapel and I asked myself, ‘How can we prove God exists?’ You see, I love Theology and Philosophy in fact recently I went to a debate (actually more of a presentation) on Intelligent Design. So that question isn’t really all that odd for me to ask.

I believe that God exists but I frequently come across questions online like, “What’s one scientific fact that proves the existence of God?” or statements such as, “I challenge any of you to make me believe in God.” I never respond to things like that mainly because I don’t think Internet debates ever end anywhere other than chaos. We can’t conceive God. After all what is God? Words just can’t describe Him, much less give proof of his existence. Even Aquinas’ 5 ways don’t do a very good job of ‘proving’ God. Even if they end up working they rarely lead to one Christianity.

Anyways, after this question floated through my head I looked up. And lo and behold there was the answer hanging right above the altar.

The Crucifix. The problem with the Aquinas’ arguments is that there is no Christ. Graciously, God presents Himself in a very tangible, human way: a ‘scientific’ way. God comes to us as a baby lying in a manger, perhaps a 8lb 6oz baby. There, He is placed in a location in history, time that we can relate to. The problem with the Aquinas’ arguments is that there is no Christ in them. Without Christ we are enemies of God. Without Christ we should all be Nihilists because absolutely nothing would matter without His death and resurrection. God as a human in the manger grows up, just like us. Then, He does the most human thing possible. He dies. Three days later He rises showing that He truly is God and death cannot even hold Him.

There is no way to prove the true God without Christ. If it were possible, it wouldn’t even be worth it. Christ has placed Himself in historical events that can be proven by ‘science.’ (Why science is the deciding factor I don’t know.) Christ said that He was God. Why would he not be telling the truth when claiming to be God led to His death? Through Christ’s death and resurrection we are shown that there is a God, and He is gracious, loving, and merciful.

So if you ever come across an atheist just trying to prove ‘God’ exists isn’t all that helpful. Tell them about Christ. Only in Christ can the true God be proven.

Pax Christi