Go outside, look around. Christmas trees on the tree bank waiting to be picked up. Stores have all their Christmas decorations down. Some are even getting ready for Valentines Day!

Listen to the radio, no more Christmas music which was playing before Thanksgiving in some places. No more Christmas specials on TV. No nightly Christmas Movies.

By now the Christmas cookies are gone. The leftover food is probably gone or not being eaten anymore.

The smells of fresh pine, baking cookies, or cooking ham are almost a distant memory.

Those itchy Christmas sweaters are washed and placed in safe keeping until next Christmas. No more gifts to unwrap. Many people are probably feeling the after Christmas blues.

After Christmas….

After Christmas?


Now wait just one second. It still is Christmas! We still see tree’s and wreaths and nativities decorating our church naves. Last Sunday we sang great Christmas hymns like Of the Father’s Love Begotten and Lo! How a Rose E’er Blooming! We tasted the Body and Blood of Christ. For after all it is Christ’s Mass! (More on that here) Some of us smelt the scent of incense or trees, that smell on our parents breath after communion which we could always smell when we were younger. We feel our forehead when we make the sign of the cross, remember the water which washed us once and for all.

We are coming to the close of the 10th day of Christmas. The TENTH day! There are twelve days of Christmas. Two more days of the Church season where we remember Christ coming and becoming man so that He would experience the senses we share. He would be placed under the Law. He would die as we all will, but He dies for you. But He rises, He rises so that we may rise too! He rises for you!

It kind of makes sense that the world thinks Christmas is over. After all they don’t celebrate advent. Coming. That’s what advent means. Christ came once, on what we celebrate as Christmas Day. He came to die and to rise. Christ comes to us at His Mass every Sunday in the bread and the wine. Christ will come again. To take us to His Father in Heaven.

One thing that all these times He comes is the angels singing. Christmas Day the angels filled the skies singing "Glory to God in the Highest." In the Divine Service we sing that song "Glory to God in the Highest" too. Then later we sing with angels and arch-angels and all the company of heaven: "Holy, holy, holy Lord God of Sabaoth!" God of the angel armies, the Lord of Hosts! And again on the last day. The great trumpet shall sound. That song of heaven will be heard. And we will live an Everlasting Life.


Merry Christmas!