I have decided that maybe I will post more if I rename my blog and I change the look a little bit. Hopefully, it works.

The name: I can’t take credit for a name I am just recycling a screen name of Nathan Fischer. I have just finished my first semester at Concordia University-Wisconsin (found in the city of Mequon). I suppose that there are some people who would consider me monk-like. I am usually at the organized prayer offices that happen four days out of the week. We have Matins on Monday morning at 12:01am Vespers on Monday and Tuesday nights, and Compline on Thursday nights. It is wonderful to be able to take a break from rigorous college studies (ok, so we study during finals week:-D ), gather in the Chapel smell the incense, chant the Prayer Offices, hear the readings for the day and sing hymns. Aside from the scheduled Prayer Offices, I can also often be found in one of the chapels with my Brotherhood Prayer Book in hand. I bought the Brotherhood Prayer Book during my time at Christ Academy in 2006 and just this past semester have really begun to use it. It is a wonderful tool for personal prayer and devotion. It contains the Prayer offices and psalms set to Gregorian Chant. The Gregorian chant part is probably what kept me from using it until this past semester. Luckily, its pretty easy to learn with the audio files that the website has. Those reasons and the fact that I live in a cell of sorts kind of make me feel like a monk sometimes. Blogger Smiley Hence the name Monk of Mequon!