I don’t up date enough so I though I would talk about my day yesterday since it is kind of fun and exciting. Yesterday, I went on a field trip down south, actually to a lot of you its pretty North, but south of Milwaukee. Chicago! It always shocks my friends when they find out I wasn’t born in, nor have I lived in Chicago. This probably has a lot to do with me liking all the Chicago sporting teams more than the Milwaukee teams.

Well to the trip, It was a combined Humanities and History of Drama trip. We began at the Art Institute of Chicago. Recently, I have become pretty intrigued with art, at least older art. Of course I really liked the “religious” paintings and sculpture but I also really liked just wandering around and looking at different styles of things. Contemporary art is very interesting, some things you like, some you don’t, and some things are just plain weird.(Like the 22min video of a guy pointing into a mirror)

After the Art Institute we saw “Wicked.” It is a very good musical but it wasn’t as good as when I saw it in New York on Broadway on Choir Tour a couple years back. I like the first half much more than the second half. Maybe because the ending just ruins the Wizard of Oz for me. Its just always amazing to see the talents of the actors and musicians.

That’s all for now, Hopefully I will update more so all my faithful readings have something to read.

Pax Christi