Ah.. Valentines day! What meaning do you have?

A few posts ago I wrote about how I didn’t understand celebrating the New Year. Now a ‘holiday’ almost as wide spread as New Years which I also don’t get.

Perhaps its because I’m single that I don’t understand the reasons that one day in February couples go out and by each other flowers or chocolate. Even in my own high school they use valentines day as a fundraiser of sorts. You have the option to buy a flower for someone else and on Valentines day (named after the patron saint of flowers and chocolates?). Then they distribute them in the ever-so-romantic way of calling out peoples names at lunch and having them walk up and get the flowers.

So what is so great about Valentines Day? Is it just that fun to go waste money on flowers that will die or chocolate that will be eaten? Maybe, I’m just not understanding or maybe I just have a different opinion of love.

If you’re looking for an article with some depth to it and not just me talking about how I don’t get the reason for the holiday and think its stupid, head over to Rev. Cwirla’s Blogosphere where he wrote a post that is much more thought provoking than mine.

I now leave you with a quote on love that has fast become a favorite of mine:

"I could love you today and hate you tomorrow, those feelings don’t mean anything they change like the wind and will die with me. If I love you in Christ THAT is eternal."

Pax Christi