O God of God, O light of Light
LW 83

O God of God, O light of light,
O Prince of Peace and King of kings:
To you in heaven’s glory bright
The song of praise forever rings.
To him who shares the Father’s throne,
The Lamb once slain but raised again,
Be all the glory he has won,
All thanks and praise! Amen, amen.

For deep I prophets’ sacred page,
And grand in poets’ winged word,
Slowly in type, from age to age
The nations saw their coming Lord;
Till through the deep Judean night
Rang out the song, "Goodwill to men!"
Sung once by firstborn sons of light,
It echoes now, "Goodwill!" Amen.

That life of truth, those deeds of love,
That death so steeped in hate and scorn
These all are past, and now above
He reigns, our king first crowned with thorn.
Lift up your heads, O might gates!
So sang that host beyond our ken.
Lift up your heads, your king awaits.
We lift them up. Amen, amen.

Then raise to Christ a mighty song,
And shout his name, his glories tell!
Sing, heavenly host, your praise prolong,
And all on earth, your anthem swell!
All hail, O Lamb for sinners slain!
Forever let the song ascend!
All hail, O Lamb enthroned to reign!
All hail, all hail! Amen, amen.