I love the Higher Things Blogs. It is amazing to look at all the topics that are discussed on them, some more serious then others. Though I read the blogs a lot I realized that I don’t update mine nearly enough. So since I have a little time today I thought i would put down some random thoughts.

First, when i woke up this morning I had a message from a friend telling me to watch an movie trailer. It was for a movie that I have been excited about since I first heard they were making it, Eragon. I read the book and loved it, and ever since the movie trailers started coming out I cant wait to see it on Dec. 15. Here is a trailer for Eragon the movie: http://www.apple.com/trailers/fox/eragon/traileri/trailer_lg.html

So now what is going on in the life of Jon? Well yesturday my school had a snow day. First one in 7 years. So  I spent my day shoveling and watching good movies like The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, and The Fellowship of the Ring. Other than that my life has basically been full of learning music for our Christmas Concert next Friday and Saturday. Which could be why I haven’t updated this in so long.

Thought for the Day: Isn’t it interesting how when you look around after Thanksgiving everything is Christmas but on Dec. 26 everyone thinks Christmas is over?