Well, I returned today from a wonderful two weeks spent at Concordia Theological Seminary in Ft. Wayne. It was amazing! If any of you other High School aged guys get a chance to go, take full advantage of it. It is a wonderful, Christ-centered way to spend a couple weeks of your summer.

Worship was a main focus throughout the entire academy.  It was also my favorite part. In the morning we had Matins to start the day off. The fact that we started our day off with this shows where the focus is. Throughout each day we had three other services. Chapel, vespers, and compline. Compline was my favorite. They used insence, chanted and mostly every night we sang "Before the Ending of the Day," which was historically sung at the Office of Compline. On Sunday, we also had the opportunity to sing at St. Paul’s services. St. Paul’s is a beautiful church. The artwork and history in it was very interesting.

We also had four classes a day. The First week we had a class on the Martyrs of Lyon taught by Dr. Weinrich. We had a class on Mark taught by Dr. Scaer. Rev. Klemsz taught a class on the catechism in society today. and finally a class on The History of the LCMS taught by Dr. Mackenzie. My favorite class during the first week was Dr. Scaers on Mark. Perhaps I’ll post some of what I learned on here later. The second week we had a class taught by Rev. Dreyer on Exorcism and self-examination. Dr. Masaki thought on Luthers theology on distinction between Law and Gospel. Rev Bushur taught on the Witness of the Fathers. Finally, my favorite class of the second week, Dr. Gieschens class on John.

Now, for those few of you who think that this sounds pretty boring so far, We also had some fun Blogger Smiley We also had free time everyday. During free time there was a variety of things I did. Such as, playing ping-pong or pool in the commons, watching movies, going on the computer, playing soccer, running, reading, basically anything you wanted to do. Every evening there was also a planned activity. Some of these were Capture the Flag, Scavanger Hunt, Tourniments of Basketball, soccer, ping pong and fooze ball. One night we went to Ft. Wayne’s Minor league baseball teams game. We played Ultimate frisbee. Watched the Exorcism of Emily Rose, and of course everyone’s favorite night dorm clean up! At the end of the first week we also spent a day at Cedar Point, where I got on every rollercoaster except for one because it was closed.

I also sang in choir everyday. There were two main choirs who switched off for singing for chapel everyday. Then, I also sang in the voluntary Compline choir who sang at compline everynight. Usually the psalm or a verse from a hymn.

It was a wonderful experience, the profs treated you like you were an adult who actually knew something. I think that I learned more from the profs outside of the class room through talking to them at meals or during free time then I could have learned in the class room. All the people involved are very caring and intelligent when it comes to theology. The whole group of guys was wonderful. Everyone was treated with respect. Everyone had lots of fun.
Again if you ever have the chance to go, DO IT! You learn a lot and It’s a great time.

Pax Domini